Monday, 13 July 2009

Day 16: Monday

Today's progress report. The archieve of all of Regent Street is almost complete now. All files are JPEG and have a resolution of 2181,2981. Information on the format and attributes I'll be using for the actual map can be found on my Google Docs at this address:

Day 14 + 15: Thursday and Friday

Here's a little update from the other day.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Day 12 + 13: Tuesday and Wednesday

Here is Cavendish campus, floor 3. It has stairs, lifts and toilets highlighted.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Day 11: Monday

Monday, I brought up the remaining floor plans for Regent street and did a good hours work on them. Enough to highlight the stairs on one floor plan (it's a long process) then went off to Cavendish once I knew I'd get off-peak rate on the tube. Went in, picked up the floor plans from Cathy, so kindly provided by Andrew and had a chat to Roger. Came home and got on with doing the floor plans for a bit. Then I spent some time looking into learning methods that could be integrated into blackboard apps, maybe a mind map making tool that can be used in lectures by students with iPhones, Blackberrys or laptops. I watched a video by David Gauntlett about creative learning methods involving lego that I thought might be useful to this idea. It was!

Day 8 + 9 + 10: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Day 8, Wednesday I spent the day at the mixing and mashing event at Cavendish where we mostly discussed other app ideas and the implimentation of them into the Blackboard systems. I thought about more app ideas. I came up with some good stuff.

Day 9, Thursday was spent meeting with friends of mine who are programmers and have potential to do some work on the project. I met both people seperately, one in London, one in Harrow. I discussed with them the prospect of programming the app both for the Blackboard environment and for iPhones and iPod touch. Niether of them had heard of the programming language that Alex had told me about the day before called 'Objective C'. Though one of my two mates had worked with C++ before which is in some ways similar. Came home and brainstormed on the ideas I came up with at mixing and mashing.

Day 10, Friday I spent the morning researching what current Web tools are avaliable and related to the new apps I had in mind. In the afternoon I did some designing work on alternate apps other than the campus maps. Also had a look on the internet at logos for similar type maps.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Day 7: Tuesday

Tuesday, I spent most of the day sorting out the maps on photoshop. Having spoken to Alex I know that the other layers can be added onto the map image afterwards and with different levels of transparency. So as soon as I have the other campus maps I can decided upon a uniform image resolution so all the image files are identical in size.


I finished the maps for the 4th, 5th and sub-basement floors today.

I got in touch with two potential programmers and have arranged meetings relating to the creation of the ideas I have. One of the meetings is on thursday.

I used the last hour of the day to brainstorm ideas for Mixing and Mashing tomorrow. I've got 4 decent ideas for mixing and mashing tomorrow. I'm determined to (and will) win at least one of the prize catagories.

Day 6: Monday

This morning I spent sometime in Cavendish answering emails and chasing up Estates on the maps for the other 3 campus'. After this I went to Regent campus to check out a few things that the map was unclear about. Getting round the campus was a NIGHTMARE! Even with a map, it's got a very complicated layout. I made a few notes about where there are unmarked steps, which gender the bathrooms are for and places that are decpite looking simple completely inaccessible.

Got home and continued to add layers to the map of the 4th floor and also do all the basement floor.