Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Day 8 + 9 + 10: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Day 8, Wednesday I spent the day at the mixing and mashing event at Cavendish where we mostly discussed other app ideas and the implimentation of them into the Blackboard systems. I thought about more app ideas. I came up with some good stuff.

Day 9, Thursday was spent meeting with friends of mine who are programmers and have potential to do some work on the project. I met both people seperately, one in London, one in Harrow. I discussed with them the prospect of programming the app both for the Blackboard environment and for iPhones and iPod touch. Niether of them had heard of the programming language that Alex had told me about the day before called 'Objective C'. Though one of my two mates had worked with C++ before which is in some ways similar. Came home and brainstormed on the ideas I came up with at mixing and mashing.

Day 10, Friday I spent the morning researching what current Web tools are avaliable and related to the new apps I had in mind. In the afternoon I did some designing work on alternate apps other than the campus maps. Also had a look on the internet at logos for similar type maps.

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