Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Day 1 + 2: Monday and Tuesday

Monday I discussed the project and showed my ideas and mock-up design of the accessibility map app to the team. As maps of the campus' weren't readily avaliable I spent most of the day conducting research and getting in contact with relevent people relating to Westminster. I decided on adding a search function to the map tool allowing users to search for specific rooms on the campus. As well as that, as a result of being in touch with the disability team I decided to add a tool showing where to find 'Hearing Induction Loops' on campus and toggling the background colour (for dyslexic users). I investigated API's also.

Tuesday I spent two hours sending further emails to members of the facilty before heading home to continue work there. After being in touch with Andrew Geehan I was told I'd have the maps I needed soon. While the maps were not avaliable to me I could only continue my research and work on design aspects and other app ideas I had. One of the apps I had in mind was a calender thats touch screen compatible that links in with module RSS feeds highlighting assessment dates and course data.

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